2-component plug series for various building materials and applications.


Intelligent combination for more power and more intelligence

All the products in the fischer DuoLine stand for unique ease of installation and top performance in many application cases. Because the plastic fixings from the fischer product family guarantee simple and safe installation in numerous building materials. Whether its wardrobes, lamps or cupboards of any kinds that need fixing in place – the DuoLine products activate the optimum functional principle and thus guarantee maximum safety thanks to their clever combination of material and design.

Advantages at a glance

The colour red completes the functionally optimized Design and creates a high recognition value.
Different functional principles were combined in one product in a way that the most suitable function for the building material activates itself always automatically.
The used materials are selected in such way that the respective functional requirements are optimal supported.
The clever combination of materials and functions leads to more holding force and therefore also to more safety.
The installation occurs always in an easy way, without any special tools and saves therefore time and costs.
From the innovative combination of materials and functions, there are always new and additional application possibilities compared to conventional solutions..
fischer DuoLine
The kings among plastic anchors

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fischer DuoBlade

The self-drilling plasterboard plug for fast and easy installation

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fischer DuoPower

The anchor with superior performance in a wide range of construction materials.

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fischer DuoTec

The installation-friendly solution for high loads in board material.

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fischer DuoLine
Intelligent combination for more Power and more Intelligence.

Cleverly combined, well rewarded

german brand award 2021

The duo of power and intelligence, the combination of two material components enables three functional principles. The first anchor that decides whether to spread, fold or knot. Self-explanatory design - the easy comprehensibility of the anchor gives the user a safe feeling. An intelligent 2-component anchor which activates the optimal functional principle according to requirements and thus covers a wide range of applications and building materials.