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Nail disc NSB

The secure cable fixing in wall slots

The fischer nail disc NSB is a cost-effective solution for the flush-mounted fixing of cables in wall slots and to wood constructions. The nail disc, consisting of high-quality polypropylene and a hardened, zinc-plated steel nail, is already pre-mounted. The nail disc is positioned and the nail is hammered in. The vaulted structure of the nail disc ensures an optimal cable contact pressure and therefore a secure hold. The flat nail disc protrudes only slightly, and can therefore be easily plastered over.

Product Description


  • The nail disc NSB allows for use in two slot widths.

  • The vaulted structure of the nail disc ensures an optimal contact pressure and, as such, for a secure hold.

  • The flat nail disc only protrudes slightly, and can thus be easily plastered over.

  • The nail disc NSB is made from high-strength polypropylene. The nail is made from hardened, galvanised steel. The tried and tested material combination for in-wall installation.

Available Product Variants

Application and Permission

  • For fixing cables in wall slots
Building materials
  • Vertically perforated brick
  • Pumice
  • Lightweight aggregate concrete
  • Aerated concrete
  • Hardboard
  • Wood
  • Chipboard
  • Plywood
  • Solid panel made from gypsum
You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.

Assembly Instruction


  • Remove cable.

  • Align the nail disc with either dimensions 27 mm or 34 mm, depending on the slot width, and hit the nail in with a hammer.

  • The cables are fixed in the wall slots by the curved washer.