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ClipFix plus LS/ES/ZS

The user-friendly clip fixing for pipes and conduits

The fischer ClipFix plus LS is an easy-to-mount, cost-effective solution for the fixing of lightweight cables and pipes with different diameters. The fixing element is made from high-quality nylon and unites a plug, screw, and seat in a single component. The innovative electrical fixing is inserted into the drill hole without a screw and securely fixes the pipes and lines directly into concrete and solid brick. This saves time and money during the installation process.

Product Description


  • The complete element combines anchor, screw and clamp. This saves materials, allows for one-handed installation, and reduces assembly time.

  • The slimline geometry of the fixing element only protrudes slightly, thus saving space.

  • The three different sizes of each of the cable strap LS, twin clamp ZS and single clamp ES cover a range of cable diameters, thus reducing storage.

  • The long-lasting nylon material is flame resistant, halogen- and silicone-free, can be used all year round, including during a frost. This ensures a high level of safety.

Available Product Variants

Application and Permission

For fixing of:
  • Individual electric cables
  • Cable bundles
  • Flexible pipes
  • Rigid plastic pipes
Building materials
  • Concrete
  • Solid pumice block
  • Solid sand-lime brick
  • Natural stone with dense structure
  • Solid brick
You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.
For Details see corresponding Documents

Assembly Instruction


  • The clip fixing is set into the drill hole without the need for any additional screws and fixes the pipe directly to the base material.

  • The clamping force of the locking catch allows the ClipFix to hold itself in the drill hole.

  • Place the clasp of the cable strap LS into the drill hole so that it is level and the teeth grip.

  • Recommended loads (required safety factor considered): cable strap LS up to 6 kg, twin clamp ZS and single clamp ES up to 11 kg.

  • Temperature resistance once installed from -20 °C to +80 °C.