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The cavity fixing for small loads and shallow cavity depths

Particularly suitable for small cavity depths because only 15 or 20 mm of cavity is needed for a correct function.

Product Description


  • Very small cavity depth required

Available Product Variants

Application and Permission

  • Skirting boards
  • Electrical switches
  • Lamps
  • Pictures
  • Cable ducts
Building materials
  • Gypsum fibreboard
  • Gypsum plasterboard
  • Chipboard
  • Fibre cement panels
  • Light building boards made of wood wool
  • Hardboard
  • Sheets
  • Hollow profiles
You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.

Assembly Instruction


  • The screw is pushed through the fixture and the plug is turned gently against the screw from the reverse.

  • The plug is then pushed into the drill hole using the screw and installation object, then the screw is tightened.

  • The plug is pressed against the rear of the wall as a result.

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